Is LTL Freight Shipping Right For You?

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LTL freight shipping is less than truckload mode, and this shipment has a number of benefits. This is the ideal shipping method for several small businesses, since this shipment works well with products that are less than 15,000 pounds but more than 150 pounds. One of the reasons this shipment method is so popular is because you won’t have to pay for the entire trailer. You can save a considerable amount of money by splitting shipping costs with other companies who also need to transport a significant amount of goods. LTL works on a hub system, and this means that there are lots of local terminals that work as spokes, so that the large terminals can be used for distribution centers.


LTL freight shipping differs from FTL shipping, since FTL means that you get to use the whole truck for your shipment. With LTL, you’ll only be using part of the trailer, which will save you a considerable amount of money. However, you may still choose to use FTL for shipping when you want a dedicated truck and need to ensure that your products will get to customers quickly. Even though LTL freight shipping is cheaper than FTL, the products will take longer to arrive at their destinations, since the truck will need to stop several times to drop off goods. LTL packaging companies also work to ensure that your products are secure and safe during the entire transit process. The shipments are usually packed into palettes before they are loaded on the truck trailer. The palette is very secure and can keep delicate items securely, even though there will likely be several different items on the trailer. Features like inside pickup and delivery, as well as liftgates, are often available with LTL shipments as well. It will be easy for you to track your shipment, and you’ll get a reference number for your shipment, along with a PO number and PRO number. The transportation logistics company will also give you an estimate for when your shipment will arrive at its destination. This way, you can notify customers about the status of their items.


LTL freight shipping does have some drawbacks that you’ll need to consider before you prepare your shipment. Remember that the further your package has to go, the more you’ll have to pay. The class of your freight will be determined by your package’s weight, and this will affect the cost of shipping your packages. When you need to measure your packages, round up to the nearest inch for the width, height and length of the package. This ensures that your package is has boxes and security features that fit the package precisely. If you want to pay an extra fee, you can expedite the shipment so that the package will arrive even sooner than the customer may have originally expected. You’ll need to pay extra if you’re preparing a shipment that will involve items that are fragile, or your package has items that could be hazardous if they are on the trailer for extended period of time.















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