3 safety tips to prevent back injury when lifting

If you are a weightlifter, then you should know that there are serious risks to your back if you do not lift weights properly. There are a few safety guidelines that you should be aware of if you would like to keep your back free from any kind of pain whenever you are lifting weights regularly.Image result for shoulder ice pack

  1. Warm up when lifting.

You should gradually warm up when you are going to lift something. This would mean doing light exercises or starting out with small barbells first before moving onto heavier weights. If you do warm up before starting your serious weightlifting exercises, you can actually significantly lower the chances that you will injure your back. This is because if you warm up before lifting heavy weights, you can slowly let the muscles of your back, get used to physical activity.

  1. Start with light weights.

It may be tempting to simply get into heavy weights the moment that you start lifting, but you should learn how to pace yourself. You could end up with a serious back injury if you immediately attempted to try and lift some kind of heavy weighted barbell even if you are just a beginner at it. Instead, you may want to start lifting with the lighter weights first shoulder ice pack. After you have built enough muscles and strength, you may then proceed to the heavier weights that you have seen other lifters carry. You may be able to save your back from any kind of the pain if you do this.

  1. Stretch before and after lifting.

A lot of weightlifters may not think about their flexibility when they are trying to build up their strength, but as a weightlifter, you will still have to improve your body’s flexibility a certain way. This is because stretching before weight lifting or working out in general, can help your body become more used to the physical positions that it will have to be in when you are lifting barbells or very heavy weights. And to really ensure that you are not going to have any kind of back injury at all, you had also better stretch after you have lifted all of your weights, and not just before starting working out.

Whenever you are lifting weights you must also practice the right weightlifting technique as well. This would allow you to keep the weight that you are lifting evenly distributed throughout your whole body, and you would not experience any future problems with your back.